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PIZ LAD - abican tanzt

Abican's music leads you through a unique scenery made of stone and sand, accompanied by ascending and descending dancers.

9. / 10. / 12. September 2021


"Thousands of pebbles are piled up into pyramids at Kigro AG Grosswangen. The scenery in which the EP PIZ LAD is played could not be more industrial. Combined with dance, the EP-Release becomes a total work of art. Through the collective abican tanzt, the static gravel factory is transformed into an animated and special world, in which human beings and the environment merge in an unusual and almost extraterrestrial way. It's an experience that makes you feel how slowly time passes, when the sound of pebbles rattle under the dancers, alongside the music." Lina Gallati

full "Frachtwerk" article in German:

dance: Selina Brenner, Michèle Fella, Laura Heinzer, Natalia Podany, Celina von Moos
sound: abican
costume: Lisa Kalt


Fotos © Natalie Melina

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