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PolyPhorm - FINTAQ* improvisiert!

PolyPhorm is a queer-feminist performance event that premiered June 25th 2022 in the Frauenraum Berne. The content of the performance is a 90 minute long, interdisciplinary improvisation performed by 20 FINTAQ* artists from different disciplines.

FINTAQ* stands for Women, Inter, Nonbinary, Trans, Agender and Genderqueer people. The asterisk* indicates that these categories are a social construct.

PolyPhorm collective: Ti Kuhn, Maíra Zaugg, Lua Jungck, Selina Brenner


Juliana Santacruz (percussion), Romane Bouffioux (percussion), Ranja Schmid (dance), Francesca Maeschi (dance), Alva Matter (dance), Tim Bacher (visuals), Sophie Wagner (visuals), Kim Käsermann (performance), Johanna Pärli (double bass), Sonia Bossart (e-bass), Xav Rüegg (electronics), Binta Kopp (electronics), Ti Kuhn (e-guitar), Anna Kalk (e-guitar), Lua Jungck (piano), Hannah Biedermann (vocals), Maíra Zaugg (vocals), Damaris Brendle (vocals), Selina Brenner (vocals)

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